Eline, France

I was DJing before, in the normal time. I’m quite a creative person. I always feel like I need to create and be in my own world. I’m kind of like a dreamer. Very sensitive. Very visual. That’s probably why I’m a stylist. I also did some modeling, but I moved to fashion design. It took me some time to realize I couldn’t do both in Paris. That doesn’t really work here. So, I left my agency, even if it meant losing money. I used to like it though, I liked to play the role. Four years ago I moved to Paris to study. That’s what I’m focusing on these days.

I started as a DJ in a cocktail-bar here in Paris, playing some soul and funk music. More like an 80s kinda style. I play some techno too. I grew up listening to techno so that has been a big influence for me. I don’t even drink when I’m playing because I like to stay focused on it. There were times when it was 2 am in the morning and I was literally sober. Just playing.

Our lockdown has been the chilliest lockdown. Everyone is still doing things, you know. I’ve been going to the park and just going on with my life. Obviously there’s not much to do. The other day I was thinking about how nice it would be to go ice skating, which is funny because that’s not something that wouldn’t have crossed my mind under normal circumstances. When everything was open we had everything. We were free. But now that everything is closed we start to think about everything that we could have done with that freedom. Like ice skating. I wish I had done that. 

I feel hopeful for the future, about this whole situation we are living in. In a way you can develop more ideas. You have more time to think and to document everything. It’s like being in front of yourself all the time. But sometimes I think to myself that It will be totally fine for me if it ends now. I’ve had enough time for myself.

I think I got more creative and deeper when it comes to styling. My vision and what I want to represent got so much clearer, and more connected to my inner self. You know, I can cook now. I couldn’t cook before. That’s exciting. I’ve also been learning yoga, which I used to hate, but I realized that it was because I used to be so stressed and anxious during the first six months of the pandemic that I couldn’t manage to stay focused. Now I’ve learned to do more room for myself.  I also got more aware about myself and the people that surround me. I’ve learned to be less in my ego. Less self-centered. Now I’m more receptive. I think I forgot how to listen. Truly listen. Now I try to listen to everyone, and it is so interesting because, in a way,  it helps you connect better with other people and within yourself. So many people have a great story to tell or come from an interesting place, and you can learn so much by just listening. The ego is such an interesting thing, but sometimes we let it grow too much. I think it was growing in me. That was wrong, and that’s not who I truly am.

I was doing good money with the whole DJ thing. I was just starting to have new contacts and having more opportunities and then came this. It was very annoying. Very frustrating. But as time passed by I just had to accept it. I used to stress so much about it, until I realized that that wasn’t going to change anything. But still, I consider myself very lucky. It hasn’t been that bad for me, and I know that other people have been really struggling. Especially the young students that rely on hospitality jobs.

This time has been really good to let my creativity grow. Sometimes we forget to take enough time to think and to develop our ideas properly.  I didn’t used to have such a deep identity in my styling. It takes a long time to do that. Is like a whole journey to discover your vision, your identity and what truly inspires you. Now ever since the lockdown started I feel like I’ve discovered a big part of it.

It’s crazy to realize how fast time passes by. It’s been almost a year since I came back from Australia. When I came back to France I had to do a COVID test in order to be able to enter and see my family, and when I got the results I realized I had the virus. I didn’t have any symptoms. Probably because I’m young. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I used to feel like that. Like time goes by too fast.

I’m a traveler. I love going everywhere and meeting new people, but now that I’m obligated to live this lifestyle, you know, the routine. I’ve never been into that. Is not for me. But I could say it’s been good iIn a way. I’ve learned to take better care of myself, to give myself the importance I deserve and my body the value it needs. I used to be so anxious all the time, I had to learn to recognize it and to be aware of it. Now that I do, I feel more calm and I behave like that as well.

When all of this is over I would like to organize a big party. I would also  like to go to America and see my best friend.