Moxi, Argentina

I always felt that the day should have more than 24 hours to be able to do everything I wanted to do, but now it just feels so weird. Now i just don't know what to do with it.

Now in Argentina we have to stay home from 8 pm to 6am since today actually. But if this gets worse, we probably have to stay home for 24 hours but not if you have to work or if you work in an essential place like the food industry. You can go out but you have to stay home if you can. The police are in the streets and also the army. It feels strange to see the army in the streets.Most of the places are open but it all depends what happens next.

Being alone for the first 5 months was staying at home all the time. I think not being able to see my friends was the hardest. I start to feel overwhelmed with myself and my thoughts. I have all these ideas and projects that I wanted to do but not being able to see anyone made it really hard. But in the end, I realized all this time has helped me to know myself better. I began to analyze from the most random and ‘superficial’ aspects of my life to the most existential ones. From the beginning of the first lockdown, I see everything different. But above all, the vision I had about myself is what changed the most. Faced with all this situation, I decided to take refuge in my family, and friends so that all this happens in a more pleasant way, but above all, I decided to take refuge in myself, which I never decided actually. It just happened.

The most important thing I have learned is to respect my time and thought process and understand that no one is rushing me. I used to want everything right now. Everything was really fast. I understand how to be with myself and know myself better.

I understood that I am my best company and that I will always have myself. I mean, I've been with myself since the moment I was born till the day I die, so I better like this guy.

Who am I? What am I? What do I want? cliche, I know.  Questioning these things to know me, and also to realize if I really care to have an answer to all those questions.

I always knew i'm queer but then I realized i'm not a girl nor a boy but i'm queer and that makes a lot of sense to me. Explaining to my family and close friends that i'm not she, he, or them but also sometimes i'm she or he at the beginning was very confusing. I know how i'm and I don't care how people perceive me. I start to love a part of me that always gets me in trouble because I thought that I had to be something in a category and realize it's not that important as long as I like myself and I know myself and I don't care how people look at me, All of those took a lot of time. I accept that I'm a combo of everything. I know there are certain things about myself that are not the best but I start to love that part that I always didn't like. For example, I wonder why I'm so intense but now I think it's not bad to be like that. I'm also a person that goes on non-stop even though I really want a break but yea that's also okay. Without that, I'd probably be dead. I also cry a lot. I love to cry. And It is okay. I rediscover myself over and over again and accept myself as who I am.

I was scared to see my friends again because I didn't know if they would like how I've changed. I was different when I saw them. I thought to myself,''now you are seeing a completely different person.'' It felt weird but it worked. But of course, they are my friends. It was really weird since i didn't know if they changed the way i changed.

I think that everything I do is related to my essence. Having more clarity about this non-binary, transgender, queer being that I am helps me a lot  to understand my artistic process. I stopped being afraid or insecure about this reflecting directly in my art pieces.

I was stopped for almost a year but I dunno. It's like my 7 chakra are aligned now. I opened my studio and I'm tattooing more than ever, I'm doing art direction and all different kinds of projects.

I'm not saying that my 2020 and part of 2021 were the best period of my life, it's really far from that. Everyday life was really hard, not being able to have human interaction, and all those pre-covid things that made me forget a bad day were gone. So it wasn't easy when it came to a crisis (and yes, I had plenty of those). But it was necessary for me to stay home. All those felt like therapy. Taking in consideration all the good and bad, I learned so much in every single aspect of my life.  So yes, 2020 really sucks but in a way, I'm kinda thankful.

I want to travel when it's all over. It's the most cliche answer but it's true. I don't travel that much. I want to do what I do in every place on the planet. I want to tattoo people everywhere.