Zoe, Taiwan

I’m not gonna lie, it was kinda shocking to see Taiwan got into semi-lockdown after all. For more than one year we saw all the other countries suffering from the pandemic and lockdowns while Taiwan was luckily having normal life, we thought we might really getting away from this. I guess that’s how we stepped into this eventually. This must be one of the things I've learned during the pandemic - virus is tricky, don’t ever neglect it.

Throw back to a year ago, I used to yearn for the 14 days quarantine, sounds really silly and embarrassing, but back in the time, life’s all about making a living, sure I have weekend to take a break, but there’re friends to hang out and family to spend time with. I didn’t really have enough of time for only me and myself - which I didn’t realize I actually need it after several panic attacks happened. So when I once heard about the quarantine for entry Taiwan, I was so on board with it and even start checking flight tickets… But anyway it was no doubt a stupid move to take. And now, who knows eventually we are really kinda have it!

For now it has been six weeks since the semi-lockdown, I kept working from home since day one. Not going to the office is certainly a great change for me because I was moving from a place near the office to a big house on a suburb mountain. Staying home gave me time to properly say goodbye to the apartment I’ve lived for more than 2 years (where the virtual shooting took place), and time to thoroughly getting familiar with the new house (where I wrote down these words). And of course, enough of time spending with myself.

Because of having so much more time, I started to learn really sees things through my eyes. It started with regular small things, like when I looked at my cat, I suddenly realized the fur is not only pure white, with sunshine on it they are more of silver color which is incredibly stunningly beautiful. And then I can feel my sense enhancing, if I stare at something long enough, as if I can actually feel the blood running through my vein or the energy underneath the ground or steadily flowing in a room.

You may say it is something like natural high, and I guess in someway it's similar to meditation, but to sense more about where you at and what you with right now, rather than inner selves. With this kind of practice I feel it equally helpful with meditate for inner peace. Since we are spending more time at home, some might feel helplessly trapped in a place which “I’ve already had enough!” But there should be never enough, if we can really - i mean REALLY really - see/feel/sense something, we might get a lot more than ever.